An old warehouse on Suzhou Creek in Shanghai, has been renovated and restored to its former glory with Liu Xiaodong and Yan Peiming designing the interior loft spaces.

The original building was built in 1931 and housed the Shanghai Yihe Packaging Factory. Two living spaces have been inserted into the space, one from each designer.

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Completed late last year, ARCHSTUDIO in Beijing designed a new gallery with folding screens to divide and modify the spaces. Located in Hepingmen, the traditional outside hides the contemporary 'zen-like' inside space. The architects wanted to use a folding screen to break up the symmetrical confines of the original structure.

Kale Cafe | YAMO Design

Posted by on 16.07.2014 in Interior
YAMO Design, a small studio in Hangzhou lead by 3 China Academy of Fine Arts Graduates, recently completed a renovation of a restaurant. By creating a village feeling with trees and mini houses, the designers have tried to open up the limited space.