OPEN Architecture have completed work on the Beijing No4 High School in Fangshan, part of a new development south west of the 5th ring road, and forming the central focus of the new community. OPEN identified that students needed more daily interactions with nature so created floating volumes above green space, and with urban farms on the roof. Very progressive design for a Chinese school.
New York and Beijing based Atelier Alter have completed a Senior Centre for Guangxi based pensioners. Part of the project had to consider that those who will live here grew up during the cultural revolution and in communes, often around farmland. The architects have responded by created a mixed topology within the central space and the use of natural bamboo louvres.
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Here we round-up the best of BJDW and Chinese Design for the biggest Chinese design event of the year. For a really useful interactive map click here.


Since 2013, Dashilar has been a hot bed of activity for young architects to try and reinvigorate and reinterpret the traditional old hutongs. The area has emerged largely unscathed from much of the rampant destruction of the last 20 years and designers are exploring how to modernise the area whilst keeping the important communities intact. Last year included the microhutong by standardarchitecture and the pop up canopy by PAO.

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Yetang x Kneon Magazine x BJDW

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BJDW Press Release

As we gear up for Beijing Design Week 2014, some of the more interesting plug-in exhibits are gathering traction.

KNEON Magazine will be teaming up with Yetang’s 50 Chinese independent designers, and graphic designer Nick Wu, to curate a space filled with the work of upcoming Chinese and international artists and designers during Beijing Design Week 2014.

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