Tonight will be the first of a series of talks by Style by Asia, ‘Successful Design Sharing Night’.

We will have four fantastic speakers from design, technology, and education perspectives sharing their personal and professional transformational experiences. Change can be exciting, scary, or both, find out how these speakers leveraged change to transform themselves or their businesses.

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Recycling Lamp | BENTU

Posted by on 16.04.2015 in Product
Questioning the value of excessive objects by multiple designers, which in fact creates more landfill, Chinese industrial designers BENTU have been looking at these processes and have tried to reduce wastage whilst improving the quality of peoples lives along all parts of the chain.
Taiwanese designers Chu Chih-Kang Space Design have designed the interior for a new bookstore in Chengdu. Based on the idea of a 'Sutra Depository', the designers were inspired by the history of Xuanzhang, a famous Chinese Buddhist monk from the Tang dynasty. He believed that a Sutra Depository would be a private place to store all different kinds of knowledge like books and letters. The designer have mirrored this in the basement space by using raw materials and creating large concrete columns in the space.
Gong Xinyu, a Chinese graphic designer from Beijing, designed a version of a book that questioned the future of books in the kindle age. By focussing on four Chinese words - Ji?sh?, qíngsh?, xuèsh?, yísh? - (letter, love letter, blood note and suicide note) he tried to find the answer.

Aaron Yuan | Graphic

Posted by on 30.03.2015 in Graphic
Aaron Yuan, a young Chinese creative based in Shanghai recently displayed his latest work for the Shunji Iwai Movie Festival. A fan of the Japanese director since a young boy, this labour of love has resulted in a beautiful package and branding.