The Minjiang River in Sichuan Province, is now the home of the Riverside Tea House, a beautiful, calm space by Chinese interior design architect Lin Kaixin.

Built for a local client who wanted a place ‘to drink tea with drinks in leisure time while relax myself when feel tired’. Lin Kaixin came up with the concept of playing a flute near the river and integrating with nature as closely as possible. Whilst taking oriental culture as a central focus of the building, he has created a free, open, natural and humane spiritual space. Shoji paper, vertical wooden slats and a grey architectural aesthetic create a calm balance with the natural landscape around it.

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Thin Ceramic | XinYaoYao

Posted by on 08.06.2015 in Product
Coming from the Chinese design studio of XINYAOYAO, his new thin ceramics series. Based on the idea of fragility, he spent countless hours to make the ceramic thin enough. Admitting that it would have been easier if it were made out of plastic or metal, he points to the fragility of the ceramic as being its defining feature.

Tonight will be the first of a series of talks by Style by Asia, ‘Successful Design Sharing Night’.

We will have four fantastic speakers from design, technology, and education perspectives sharing their personal and professional transformational experiences. Change can be exciting, scary, or both, find out how these speakers leveraged change to transform themselves or their businesses.

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Recycling Lamp | BENTU

Posted by on 16.04.2015 in Product
Questioning the value of excessive objects by multiple designers, which in fact creates more landfill, Chinese industrial designers BENTU have been looking at these processes and have tried to reduce wastage whilst improving the quality of peoples lives along all parts of the chain.