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Prolific Chinese architects Archi-Union have revealed their new project - the Songjiang Art Campus in the new suburb of Shanghai. Tasked with creating a new urban space and creative hub close to the local university, the architects had to develop a cultural hub, away from the overdeveloping in the rest of the city. Having seen a 'creative vacuum' in the city, Archi-Union focussed on pedestrians, green parks and a close relationship with the neighbourhood.
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The southern island of China, Hainan, has recently opened a new visitors centre in the town of Xinglong. Based on the design of traditional fishing villages on the island, the visitor centre is set at the entrance to the small town. The trapezoidal lot dictated the building be developed into a zigzag form with most of the building volume in the middle. This allows the architecture to open up to the street gradually when approached on foot.
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We recently came across the work of Chinese illustrator Animagis from Guangzhou. The young designer has been working as a freelancer in the city, designing imaginative scenes and short films. Having graduated from GAFA (Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts) in 2012, she has won numerous awards, one of which being the Silver Medal for Designnova China in 2012.
Shanghai graphic designer Jiang Qinggong has spent the past 5 years researching the history of Chinese typography and recently wrote a book about his findings. There are roughly 80,000 Chinese characters in sum and about 3,500 of them are commonly used. The history of typefaces for Chinese characters can be dated back to the 7th century, when engraving typography was invented during the Sui Dynasty (581-618). According to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Daily, there were some 420 distinct Chinese font designs by 2011.

Tuann | Shuang Liang

Posted by on 06.03.2015 in Furniture

Young Chinese furniture designer Shuang Liang has presented Tuann, his first furniture collection at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015.

Based in Beijing, the designer originally studied at the School of Architecture at CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts) before moving to Scandinavia and studying at the Oslo School of Architecture (AHO) before moving back to China to develop his furniture range there.

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The Southern Fish | INDOORGROUP

Posted by on 02.03.2015 in Interior
Beijing's newest Yunnan inspired restaurant has opened in its historic hutongs, designed by indoorgroup, a local Chinese interior design firm. Covering less than 65sqm, with a width of just 3 metres, the designers had to completely remodel the old restaurant. The double height space is topped off by a large skylight. All elements in the restaurant were designed by indoorgroup, from the plates to the signage.