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Why blog about Chinese design?

Simply because there are very few good quality English language Chinese design blogs out there.

I am a designer who lived in Beijing for 4 years, and has recently relocated to Shanghai, and am fascinated about a new era of design from the East, particularly China.

Of course, there are other Chinese design blogs, but they have alternative agendas, like promoting their company or work, or they are sporadically updated and have little decent content.

‘Made in China’ will soon mean created in China.

This blog hopes to chronicle that.

I will also pick up things which are not made in China, but made for China, and see the different design responses to China and its consumers.


About me

I am Elliot, a designer from just outside London and graduated from Architecture at the University of Sheffield in 2008. I have lived in Beijing and Shanghai ever since then and love it. Get in touch with me – elliot [at] eightsix.co

Herman Miller Asia Pacific Interview

Why ‘EightSix’?

+86 is the dialling code for China, a way to tap into the rich reserves of Chinese design talent coming out of the country – accessible to those living overseas.