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PAO or Peoples Architecture Office recently finished the design for the Tangram Canopy - based on the traditional Chinese game where triangles can be rearranged into different forms. With this modular system, it can expand infinitely in any direction. It was used for the first time in 2014 in Lijiang, Yunnan for the COART Festival.

Das Haus | Neri & Hu

Posted by on 22.01.2015 in Architecture, Interior
As we mentioned in July last year, Neri & Hu have completed their installation at imm Cologne. Called Das Haus, the installation intends to question why people populate their homes with furniture and objects. With references to Shanghai and its narrow alleyways, the installation encourages visitors to make their own path through the space through rooms overpopulated with furniture.
Li Han, the Architect who designed the famous Beijing drawings of Sanlitun, 798 and Nanluoguoxiang has started his own practice in Beijing called Drawing Architecture Studio (DAS) with Hu Yan. One of their first projects is an art space for Fang Tianyuan in Hangzhou. The multifunctional space is to be used for exhibitions, sales, lectures and meetings. Shafts of light pierce the volumes and open up the space. As part of the design work, Li Han designed an axonometric projection of the surrounding area to mirror similar representational methods used by Zaha Hadid in her early work and integrate all the work into one entity.

Beijing based OPEN Architecture was tasked to design a dormitory for a local IT company in Fuzhou. Based on traditional tulou round houses common in Fujian province, the 3 courtyard buildings provide rest space for all workers. The buildings contain circulation on the inside of the courtyards, and with views across the sea on the exterior. Services are set into the raised mounds at the base of each building, and each has a green roof for communal activities. The hope is that by providing workers with a healthy environment, they will foster a strong sense of community.

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XiHe is a small village in Hunan province with an old and declining population. In order to try to reverse their fortunes, they have developed the Cereals and Oils Museum. Chinese architects He Wei developed the old 20th century granary buildings into spaces for the villagers and a small museum to draw in visitors.