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Posted by on 21.04.2012 in Architecture, Furniture

Zhang Ke from Beijing based Standard Architcture has designed ‘hidden dragon’ for furniture company moroso. From designboom;

sinuous curves evoke the imagery of the western mountain landscape,
forming the seat-backs and separate niches for diverse seating experiences. individuals may sit or recline and easily converse with their neighbors,
generating a setting for relationships and public intimacy. derived from ancient chinese tales of the water dragon, the form of the piece represents a
physical interpretation of the dragons usually invisible movement.

accessible from all four sides, the couch is an island furniture element, resisting the typical placement against a wall. folding screen partitions
surfaced with ink-water calligraphy panels by the designer envelope the room, depicting a still moment in a fluid and evolving process.
supported with only four minimal metal legs, the elongated body delicately floats within the space, mirroring its bold-red exterior
within the high-gloss flooring, similar to a mountain reflecting within water.

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