EightSix was privileged to get given the opportunity to attend 100% Design as part of The London Design Festival. The London Design Festival is a series of events, lectures and exhibitions showcasing some of the best design in one of the worlds premier design capitals. In particular interest to us, was the Chinese collections as part of 100% Design, one from Shenzhen and one from Guangdong. These small pavilions displayed products from designers at the forefront of product design.

Guangdong Pavilion

The stronger of the two pavilions as it had a stronger overarching theme and ‘brand’ of ‘Join & Create’. They displayed 8 pieces of furniture, from office chairs to desk lamps. In particular interest were the three wooden chairs.

Hard-Soft Chair – Zheng Baohua

The relationship to traditional Chinese chairs here is apparent, but in a more subtle way than that of others and this chair is beautifully crafted out of beech and brass.

My First Armchair – Zhang Xinqi

This chair on first appearances seems to be very traditional, but on closer inspection, you notice that it can be taken apart. This says Zhang Xinqi allows the children to explore the structure of the chair by individual exploration. Constructed from white maple.

The Circle – Zhou Anbin

Taking the circle as a traditional Asian motif, Zhou Anbin crafts the chair and shelves from bamboo, as an exploration into the limits of the material as well as combining modern design with traditional ideas.

Shenzhen Pavilion

Unfortunately, the weaker of the two pavilions, with a weak message and no overarching design of the booth, leaving it feeling a bit underwhelming and no so cohesive as Guangdong. However, the products on display were more varied than Guangdong, with Chinese designed mobile phones for the elderly to jewellery. Also it should be noted that more of the products here were created by companies or design collectives rather than individuals.

Insect like tea table – Titian Furniture

At first we thought this looked like an extremely uncomfortable stool, but on closer inspection it appeared to be a completely different concept on the tradition Chinese tea table.

Wind & Cloud chair – Top Design

Contemporary rethinking of traditional Chinese furniture is almost coming ubiquitous, with traditional lines but a contemporary finish or material. However the chairs are well made, but could do with further exploration to make them into world class products.

Rone Design

This recliner was constructed entirely from metal and is great as a concept.

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