Techyizu is back with DesignINg Shanghai, an event with talks by Shanghai design studios and exploring the city we live in.

Each year we pick a number of challenges the city faces and ask you to come up with design solutions that will make Shanghai an even better place to live. Previous themes included social inclusion and disaster preparedness. This year we will be designing for limitations in space, resources and transportation.

The day will start with talks by designers from Frog, A00, CEIBS, CBi China Bridge, Denis Dessus Architecture and more. Talks will cover design principles and methodology.

In the afternoon, participants team up, choose a challenge and go out on observations and interviews.
Back at the venue, teams will process their research into practical solutions and build quick prototypes.
The event will end with presentations and beer .

The morning talks are free for all and everyone is welcome.

Registration for the afternoon workshop will start on Tuesday, May 27th at noonSeats are limited so please don’t forget to register. 

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