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Here we round-up the best of BJDW and Chinese Design for the biggest Chinese design event of the year. For a really useful interactive map click here.


Since 2013, Dashilar has been a hot bed of activity for young architects to try and reinvigorate and reinterpret the traditional old hutongs. The area has emerged largely unscathed from much of the rampant destruction of the last 20 years and designers are exploring how to modernise the area whilst keeping the important communities intact. Last year included the microhutong by standardarchitecture and the pop up canopy by PAO.

Dashilar EightSix

Highlights to look forward to this year include –

Plug-IN stations

Methods of participation include Plug-IN Hutong (interior spaces creating mini-hubs throughout the area), Plug-IN Market (open-air stalls placed along Yangmeizhu Xie Jie, the primary street within Dashilar Alley) and Plug-IN Partner (a method of participation offered to existing commercial or cultural tenants in the district so that Dashilar’s year-round, vibrant street life can be promoted to new visitors during BJDW). The devices include custom-made Canopies, Banners and Graphics

‘micro-yuan’er’ by standardarchitecture

A Proposal by standardarchitecture to renovate a traditional courtyard in Dashilar.

eightsix standardarchitecture

The Trapped Tower by Bao architects

This installation will take the form of a cartesian mini-skyscraper which will be built within a seemingly art-nouveaux building located just few hundred meters south of TianAnMen Square. It will be used as an exhibition and discussions infrastructure for the Making Futures Forum in partnership with the Plymouth College of Art and Beijing Design Week.

bao architects eightsix

Book Design Shop

This Yangmeizhu Street design-centric bookstore doubles as an exhibition space.



The Fabrik Lab

The Fabrik Lab, started by Elaine Ng Yan Ling aims to research textile craft in Guizhou. She spent a year in the region working with local village craftspeople to create low volume fine handmade woven fabric.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 14.05.11


Pop-up Factory

This one looks very exciting as you also get the chance to explore Li Nanhai’s new studio space. Pop-up factory has been created by A4 Studios with the idea to manufacture simple products to order within local communities, cutting down on transportation and packaging costs. So far the project has created a range of basic products in plywood, such a family of stools and a jigsaw fridge magnet set. This year a low cost self assembly air filter will be revealed.

Date: 9.27-10.1 (11:00-18:00)
Address: No.255, Caochangdi



Xiao Xiao Wrought Iron Shop

This one looks very interesting. Over the years, Cai Xiaoxiao has been contemplating the fast disappearing art of the blacksmith. In recent times of social change, modernisation of agricultural machinery and today’s soaring prices the reality is that its survival is in danger. An art practitioner specialising in wrought iron, Cai Xiaoxiao seeks to innovate with traditional blacksmith skills and showcase these to a new audience. His research and development, products and practice ensure that the blacksmith’s craft can continue to evolve while preserving this important cultural inheritance.

Designers: Cai Xiaoxiao (11:00-18:00)
Time: 9.27-10.1
Address: No.1, Red Courtyard, Caochangdi


CAFA Industrial Design students

A great way to meet CAFA students. CAFA Industrial Design students create two fun interactive one-off events for Beijing Design Week 2014:
T-Shoot – Create a unique t-shirt or bag design in our creative shooting range.
D-Eye-Y – Design and Create your own sunglasses in minutes in this fun workshop.

Date: 9.27-10.1 (11:00-18:00)
Address: No.1, Red Courtyard, Caochangdi

751 D-Park

Beijing Maker Carnival 2014

Similar to the US Maker Fair held every year, this Chinese version has the same aims – bringing together the 3D printing community to showcase work and exhibits.

“Maker Carnival” has been the biggest international maker event in China since 2012. It has been held in Beijing and Shanghai, and attracts over a hundred thousand people. Just like the Maker Faire in the US, “Maker Carnival” is the leading event in China maker industry. This year it will bring over 150 maker projects from all around the world.

Date: 10.2-10.3 (10:00-17:00)
Address: Jinshuku Gallery, 798 Originality Square

maker carnival

Brick by Brick: Steel Forest

Love LEGO? This will be right up your alley. In association with Denmark and Lego, adults and children have the chance to interact and envision cities and spaces in Beijing with their own imagination.

Date: 09.27-10.7 (10:00-17:00)
Address: 751 Cultural Square

Gallery all

Work by Li Naihan and Jeff Dayu Shi will be on display, investigating the theme of ‘habitation’.

eightsix li nanhai 2

Taikooli (The Village, Sanlitun)

WUHAO Curio Box

After moving from their beautiful garden venue, Wuhao are working towards their next adventure in China. For BJDW, they will be showing their Curio Boxes at Cicada Ultralounge, with one-of-a-kind furniture pieces as well as accessories and clothing lines.

Date: 9.26-10.3
Address: Cicada Ultralounge, N4-33 Taikoo Li Sanlitun North

DeLIGHTS Taikoo Li Light Festival

Light art pieces will be displayed in the Taikoo Li complex by world famous light artists, presented for the first time in China.

Date: 9.26-10.3
Address: Taikoo Li Sanlitun North & South



YOOXYGEN China the online retailer will be promoting environmental awareness by teaming up with Masha Ma, Qiu Hao, Sankuanz and Xander Zhou to create one-off designs for a special designer mask collection with all proceeds going to charity for environmental development.

Date: 9.25
Address: The Opposite House, Building 1, No.11 Sanlitun Road



Beijing Design Week Film Festival

For the first time in BJDW’s history, it will be holding a film festival in the Taikoo Li Orange. BJDW Film Festival is a brand new initiative set to expand the investigation of contemporary design discourse and practice that shape our living scapes, and how narratives of production, representation and imaging are complicit in their social and cultural formulation.

Time: 9.25-9.30 (10:00-22:00)
Location: The Orange, Taikoo Li Sanlitun South

Teaser Video for BJDW Film Festival from LAVA on Vimeo.


China Design Challenge

Launched by Beijing Design Week and China Red Star Design Award, the China Design Challenge (CDC) is undertaken through an initiative of Kikkerland Design Inc. Aiming to increase companies’ product development and brand awareness, CDC has fast grown into a key platform to promote values of innovation and R & D investment, by jointly launching design challenges open to young and emerging talents across China in collaboration with established worldwide brands. Vote here (CN) or vote here (EN).



Thanks to BJDW & designboom

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