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Huabiao Shan | Furniture

Posted by on 15.09.2012 in Furniture

Huabiao Shan from Hangzhou is a Chinese furniture designer with a natural aesthetic who works closely with natural materials and crafts them delicately into contemporary pieces. His latest work is called Autumn Whisper and was made in autumn 2011.

Huabiao says

A thought came into my mind when I was sitting among the trees that In the afternoon of an autumn day with a drizzly and windy weather, embraced by the shadow of the clouds, perceived my feelings about autumn and write down the feelings amongst the flourishing trees.
The chair is made of two kinds of wood – torreya grandis and ebony while the construction is mortise and tenon. It took about 2 weeks to produce.
He has also created more contemporary office furniture, but with a distinct Chinese aesthetic, and was a runner up for the A’ Design Award.
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