Yao Yejun is a young Shanghainese designer who quit his job at IBM to follow his creative interest in building furniture. He started Studio MUSHITIANGONG (meaning Nature’s Masterpeice) in 2010 and has unveiled his latest range of work which includes a stool, coat-hanger and rocking horse.

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  1. […] Yao Yejun is a self-professed “auda­cious and cre­ative” young designer. After grad­u­at­ing from Shang­hai Insti­tute of Visual Art, Fudan Uni­ver­sity in 2010, he worked as a UX designer at IBM before estab­lish­ing fur­ni­ture brand Mu Shi Tian Gong in 2012. The name of the brand orig­i­nates “from the designer’s rev­er­ence for the strength and beauty of nature”. Via Eight­Six. […]


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