Yingshuang Guo is a graduate designer from Shenzhen who completed her studies at the School of Industrial Design at Jiangnan University in 2012. She recently completed a project called ‘Rebirth’ with Yi Guo for their end of year project. By reusing the cheapest possible chairs available in China, which are common in small restaurants, they wanted to re-imagine a future for these common items. By combining the raw iron chairs with a more natural material, they wanted to make people aware of the sheer amount of such chairs in China.14f1ee28f1e7270f557acadaca5ea81a 79e6b34da0fb9d11e7ac3f2e7b2a49bf 17506e17deeb829e908ebd9ad2afd8fe 60372768d2ad29b7834c189497c0d270 ae8df11f61c6823419d3562575da9e95 c06efb2577f6f3a47bc8b4a11769e1b6 c9431c1ad55ca4f2e7f4b6dc180e7d25

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