Liu Yong Qing design based in Shenzhen is one of the more well known Chinese design companies. Shenzhen is the fabled land for designers apparently, with a lot of studios concentrated there, more so than Beijing or Shanghai. The benefit of Shenzhen is that it is not an international city yet, but forms part of the mega-metropolis of Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen (cited to be the worlds first mega-city), and therefore has more of a distinctly Chinese identity when it comes to design, less influenced by the west.

Whilst their work is not the most exciting, it is uniquely Chinese. This is for a furniture company called No.1 Shili Furnishings and consists of logo design and collateral design. The blue and red colours are strong, but the logo less so, and I think there could be better synchronicity between the logo and colour palette. Have a look for yourself below…


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