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Posted by on 20.09.2011 in Identity, Illustration


Shenzhen native Js Chen has created some very smart work out of his studio down south. From branding a Himalayan Couture Cashmere company to an International Furniture Fair. His work is restrained and minimal, but very well executed. I love seeing the typography work with characters on CitID Shenzhen. He runs G’Day Studio.


The most interesting work is for the 2011 Universiade in Shenzhen with a series of simple overlapping letters but with great interaction with the people of Shenzhen.


The symbol of the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade volunteers which is designed by Yang Mythos Design Company has been announced at International Volunteer Day.
The symbol of the Universiade volunteers is titled “Window of the World –  Embrace World with Heart”.
The symbol is composed of the letters V, U and S, the initial letters of “volunteer,” “Universiade” and “Shenzhen.” The symbol represents the passion, dedication and honesty of the volunteers and hopes of Shenzhen residents for the success of the Universiade. The three letters are in red, yellow and blue, representing youth, energy and passion.


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