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We recently came across the work of Chinese illustrator Animagis from Guangzhou. The young designer has been working as a freelancer in the city, designing imaginative scenes and short films. Having graduated from GAFA (Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts) in 2012, she has won numerous awards, one of which being the Silver Medal for Designnova China in 2012.
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Some of our favourite Chinese designers, CaoPu, the minds behind the pop-up store Trash & Diamond in Beijing have returned with their latest project, Like Gardening, a studio space for young artists. We love how they tell us the story of the project through illustrations with the client and designers. View the whole story inside.
Li Han, the Architect who designed the famous Beijing drawings of Sanlitun, 798 and Nanluoguoxiang has started his own practice in Beijing called Drawing Architecture Studio (DAS) with Hu Yan. One of their first projects is an art space for Fang Tianyuan in Hangzhou. The multifunctional space is to be used for exhibitions, sales, lectures and meetings. Shafts of light pierce the volumes and open up the space. As part of the design work, Li Han designed an axonometric projection of the surrounding area to mirror similar representational methods used by Zaha Hadid in her early work and integrate all the work into one entity.