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The Minjiang River in Sichuan Province, is now the home of the Riverside Tea House, a beautiful, calm space by Chinese interior design architect Lin Kaixin.

Built for a local client who wanted a place ‘to drink tea with drinks in leisure time while relax myself when feel tired’. Lin Kaixin came up with the concept of playing a flute near the river and integrating with nature as closely as possible. Whilst taking oriental culture as a central focus of the building, he has created a free, open, natural and humane spiritual space. Shoji paper, vertical wooden slats and a grey architectural aesthetic create a calm balance with the natural landscape around it.

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The Southern Fish | INDOORGROUP

Posted by on 02.03.2015 in Interior
Beijing's newest Yunnan inspired restaurant has opened in its historic hutongs, designed by indoorgroup, a local Chinese interior design firm. Covering less than 65sqm, with a width of just 3 metres, the designers had to completely remodel the old restaurant. The double height space is topped off by a large skylight. All elements in the restaurant were designed by indoorgroup, from the plates to the signage.

Das Haus | Neri & Hu

Posted by on 22.01.2015 in Architecture, Interior
As we mentioned in July last year, Neri & Hu have completed their installation at imm Cologne. Called Das Haus, the installation intends to question why people populate their homes with furniture and objects. With references to Shanghai and its narrow alleyways, the installation encourages visitors to make their own path through the space through rooms overpopulated with furniture.

Mitty Jump Playground | dot

Posted by on 27.11.2014 in Interior
Beijing based dot Architects have completed an indoor playground for 'Mitty Jump' and is attempt to get away from the traditional fake sky ceilings and concrete trees often associated with playgrounds in China. By abstracting this into low polygon forms, they hope that indoor playgrounds do not have to imitate nature but can be a model of their own.