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Posted by on 13.11.2014 in Interior
Yong-Jiu-bike-café-by-Kyle-Chan-Shanghai-China_eightsix 3

The Yong Jiu Bike Cafe has just opened up in Shanghai. The space, designed by Kyle Chan of Hong Kong, looks to strengthen the classic Yong Jiu bike brand in its home city of Shanghai. The industrial space is kitted out with references to the old factory and tries to re-establish the brands image to connect to a younger audience.

Yong-Jiu-bike-café-by-Kyle-Chan-Shanghai-China_eightsix 1 Yong-Jiu-bike-café-by-Kyle-Chan-Shanghai-China_eightsix 2 Yong-Jiu-bike-café-by-Kyle-Chan-Shanghai-China_eightsix 3 Yong-Jiu-bike-café-by-Kyle-Chan-Shanghai-China_eightsix 4 Yong-Jiu-bike-café-by-Kyle-Chan-Shanghai-China_eightsix 5 Yong-Jiu-bike-café-by-Kyle-Chan-Shanghai-China_eightsix 6 ??????????????????????????????? Yong-Jiu-bike-café-by-Kyle-Chan-Shanghai-China_eightsix 8

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