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EightSix caught up with the talented Chinese typographer, Cai Peng to have a short talk about his influences and the future of Chinese typography.

Can you tell me about about yourself?

I was born in 1985 in Beijing. I studied both graphic design with a specialism in font design and graduated from the Beijing University of Technology in 2006. Since then I have been awarded the Annual Excellence Award of Tokyo Type Directors Club and have established my own lab/studio in 2013. Choi System Studio is my current focus, and we concentrate on graphic design, font design and research.

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You have a particular fascination with typography and are one of the most prolific Chinese typographers around. How did you begin to study Chinese typography?

When I was younger I took a particular interest in Chinese font design books. I also studied the history of Chinese Calligraphy, especially from a Western point of view. Western Scholars of Chinese characters helped immeasurably in this sense.


What in your process when you design new Chinese typography?

Interestingly, I do not have a set process, and I often just try different methods to try and see the varied outcomes.

Who has influenced you the most?

No-one specific, but I have been influenced by excellent font design from all over the world, not just China.

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What do you hope to do with Chinese typography in the future?

For the future, I really hope to explore, expand and look into Chinese typography in a lot more depth – it is still a young discipline and it needs to be developed further.

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