Golden Pin x EightSix Interview series

The Taiwanese Golden Pin Design Award recently extended its remit to include other Asian and Chinese speaking countries for the first time  in 2014. EightSix has teamed up with Golden Pin to interview some of these young and emerging designers.

ONEONE Design based in the traditionally stronghold of Chinese graphic design, Shenzhen, was established in 2009. In that short space of time they have gone on to work on the 25×25 Design Exhibition and won a Golden Pin Design Award. We sat down with Effie from ONEONE to talk about their work and successes.


Hi Effie, can you can tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Effie (Mooz) and I currently live and work in Shenzhen, currently as Design Director at ONE ONE DESIGN

Growing up, did design have any influence on you from an early age?

From a young age I always liked calligraphy and fine arts. In my early days as a young designer I was influenced by Kan Tai-keung (Hong Kong based designer) and Alan Chan. They have contributed a lot to the design industry, and I am striving to follow their example in their forward thinking ways and ideals.

What is your educational background?

I have liked painting since childhood. At Junior High School I began to read more and see more graphic design and this was the first time I participated in a design competition. At university I chose to study Visual Communication design at HKUST which gave me a much richer and more comprehensive design understanding. After graduating I worked in Kan & Lau Design Shenzhen for 3 years which gave me a very deep understanding of branding.

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What was the reason for starting ONEONE Design?

I had friends from university who had worked together for four years, other who I had worked with for a few years and we decided to found the company and have a new product strategy of our own.

What work are you proudest of?

We are still trying to advance our work to this higher level, I hope we will reach that some day.

What would say influences you the most in your designs – western influences with a strong graphic design history, or the freshness of a sparse Chinese design landscape?

I think we have been influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures. Whilst oriental culture has a mysterious and sensual side, Western culture has a much more rational and sacred side. We can see a correlation between the two and see them work together.

You won an award for the Golden Pin, what has been the response to this?

It is a great honor to have been selected for a Gold Award and to receive approval of the organisers and the design committee.

What is your plan for the future of ONEONE?

ONEONE hopes that we can come to the forefront of good design in China and change the status quo of how Chinese design is perceived in the international market.


  1. A great interview. The final answer is very inspiring! Thanks again for your support of Golden Pin Design Award-winning designers!


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