Golden Pin x EightSix Interview series

The Taiwanese Golden Pin Design Award recently extended its remit to include other Asian and Chinese speaking countries for the first time in 2014. EightSix has teamed up with Golden Pin to interview some of these young and emerging designers.

First up we have Kelly Lin of KIMU in Taiwan who won the Golden Pin Design Award for the New Old Light. We spoke with Kelly about her work and her hopes and dreams for the future of KIMU.

KIMU_the new old light_12

Hi Kelly, can you tell us more about KIMU and your studio?

We started KIMU a few years ago and we currently have four members; three  with an industrial design background, and one with a marketing background. At the beginning we started primarily as a design brand around wood, which then evolved into making home accessories after around 3 years. We have lots of different ideas and plans for the studio which we are beginning to realise now.

KIMU-new old light process

KIMU_the new old light_copper_2

Product design in mainland China is still in the early stages of growth – how do you think it compares to the growth of the design industry in Taiwan?

We feel that Taiwan’s product design industry is already very mature. But this is relative. Our designers hope that through international marketing that designers will begin to feel a sense of brand and identity. In this sense we are all still growing and learning.

KIMU_the new old light_03  KIMU_the new old light_04

Do you think your work contains an Asian aesthetic? How does this manifest itself?

Yes, we use traditional elements in our work. The lantern is a perfect example of this as it features very prominently as is an important feature of this work. It is an Asian Zen aesthetic.

What work are you most proud of?

This would have to be the table lamps (The New Old Table Light). For us this has taken our work to a higher level and the response from the international community has been really great.

KIMU_the New Old Light_Table 02

KIMU_the New Old Light_Table 01

What are your plans for the future?

We will continue development for the New Old Life series and continue making products for this line. We want to continue exploring the link between the past and present and someday create a new classic.

KIMU_the new old light_copper

  1. Thanks so much for posting the first of the interviews in this series. It’s a great insight into this design studio’s unique cross-cultural products. We look forward to reading the others here soon!


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