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Natasia Guo is the co-founder of, a new Chinese commerce site selling independent Chinese designers labels and wares to new generations of Chinese shoppers. We caught up with Natasia to talk about yetang and inspiring Chinese design.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself & how you ended up in China?

I studied art history in college, and have always wanted to work with creative people.  In my first job as an event planner in Shanghai, I met a lot of talented designers and artists, and I thought that the idea of design-in-China had a lot of potential. Three years ago I started to blog about design in China. When the blog, Nuandao, became wildly followed, my business partner and co-founder (Yan Zhang) and I turned the blog into an e-commerce site. Nuandao is now a leading e-tailer for designed objects in China.

How did Yetang come to be?

Yan and I started Yetang because we think there is a bright future for independent fashion in China. We left Nuandao August 2013, and quickly launched a new brand.

We wanted to build a brand that spoke to the post 90’s generation in China. Whereas older generations cared more about features and appearance, this is a generation that cares about the “feel” of the brand – its values and cultural resonance. We felt that this type of experience is still pretty hard to find in e-commerce in China.

Yetang means Wild Candy in Chinese. Being a little wild and sweet, we thought was the best way to encapsulate the feeling of being 23, the median age of our customer base.


What is the purpose of Yetang – to promote design/talent in China or to spread awareness of great products?

These aren’t mutually exclusive goals to us. is a super curated site for apparel, accessories and “fun” stuff. Since we launched in October 2013, we work with over 200 designers from China and abroad, with 5000 products available for purchase on our website. We invest a lot in curation, presentation, style and user experience, so that people get to know and get to have great products.

Which Chinese designers do you find the most inspiring(both in your shop and elsewhere)?

We’re very bullish on the talent and ambition of independent designers. People often mistake designers as purely creative hipsters, but really they are entrepreneurs and business people as well.

I really like Line Artisanal, a leather and canvas bag brand from Guangzhou. The founder William Huang has a very clear vision for the business and worked tirelessly to build a brand. He learned everything from design, supply chain management, production, branding and thinks about strategies to scale without compromising quality.

I also really like B-COStique, a sophisticated women’s wear brand from France. The lead designer Maeva is a Chinese-born and French-raised stylist with elegant, minimalist taste. Her vision is to produce fashionable, high-quality European design products for the Chinese market. Best part, they have very reasonable pricing. Their products and brand definition get better and better with each collection.

yetang 2

Do you have any plans for the future of Yetang?

We want Yetang as a brand to be synonymous with indie design/fashion in China. We’ve just started and working to build this business and brand, and have a lot of fun ideas for the future. Stay tuned!

Any product designs, graphic designers, UI/UX designers, editors, photographers, stylists, models who are interested in joining Yetang, please email your resume and/or portfolio to

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