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Weaving Forest

Super Nature studio is a Shanghai based multi disciplinary design company which specialises in interactive design, visual communication and media technology. Founded by Billy Wen Hao, Lin Yew and  Yeoh Guan Hong they have developed the studio since 2008, and have worked with Nike, TEDx, Surface magazine and many more. They have a huge archive of work on their site here, or check out some images below.

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Wei Guan is a man of many talents. Having studied industrial and product design in Germany, he has returned to Dalian in China to start both Bananafish Books and Pausebread Press. Bananafish Books is an online bookstore linked with [a perfect book]  which is an independent publisher for small-run artist books and zines. Check out the website for a huge list of works they have put out, brilliant. [UPDATE – Wei Guan himself has only designed Aria below, but has had a hand in publishing the others – thanks di from Jia Za Zhi!]

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Nini Sum is an illustrator and print maker based in Shanghai. She was born in 1986 in Nanjing and co-runs one of the first screenprinting studios in China – IdleBeats.

IdleBeats specializes in illustration and hand-drawn art creations, the duo have rich experience in cover art creation, poster design, advertising illustration, canvas painting, wall painting and all kinds of graphic art projects.

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Lei Lei | Animation

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Lei Lei is a 26 year old animator, who graduated from Tsinghua University’s Academy of Arts and Design. He has worked with big brands (Nike, Fiat) to drawing murals in friends bedrooms.His childish and colourful illustrations range from the surreal to bizarre, but are all relatable. Its hard to know what works of his to show off, as he has such a vast depth and breadth. You can view more on his website or his blog. You can also view his animations on Vimeo here.

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Lu Xinjian | Art/Design

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Although this is considered ‘art’, I love the strong geometrics and bold colours in Lu Xinjians work.

As seen on designboom

in his ‘city DNA‘ series, chinese painter lu xinjian abstracts the forms of cities based on aerial views from google earth.
xinjian first sketches a design while looking at the map, next turning these patterns into stencils using adobe illustrator
and a cutting plotter before painting them with acrylic on canvas.

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The Liang Dian Design Centre or LDDC in Beijing held a preview party for their latest exhibition last night. Curated by our friend Zara Arshad of Design China, the exhibition displayed work by 4 designers. The exhibition was split into two, with One Step Back, Two Steps Forward exhibited in the front and Mass Metamorphosis exhibited in the back. One Step Back, Two Step Forward was a solo exhibition by Shan Design Studio showing the journey of a new brand into the Chinese market and its journey along the forked road of exploration in developing their own products. Shan design studio is Lee Xibin and Yao Ye based in Beijing and they were displaying items such as ‘Touch Ink’ which was a series of cushion type shapes which make up parts of chinese characters – the intention is to buy many parts of  characters and playfully recreate whole characters on the living room floor. Also worth seeing was ‘Lazy furniture’ – completely deflated looking furniture resting on the floor.

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