Less than a month to go, and more details are coming out about this exciting event. I am covering things from both London and China and hope to learn more about perceptions of Chinese design and vice versa.

Urban typography interventions
Neil Shoe Meulmen – Dashilar + CAFA Chimney
An internationally acclaimed designer from Amsterdam and defines his style as Calligraffiti. In the 80’s he met Keith Haring apparently.

Ben Eine – Xidan Billboard + Dashilar Brick Wall
Ben Eine aka ‘EINE’ is from London and specialises in letters. He specialises in producing ‘huge, bright, colourful letters that have transformed streets around the world. And Barack Obamas living room (Thanks to David Cameron). 

Tom Dixons Flash Factory
The antithesis of mass manuafacture with huge workforces and expensive shipping. Dixon makes small numbers of a design in the country they will get built, and will then get assembled by customers on site. From Tom Dixon in Timeout Beijing “This method makes it possible to make things to local taste and local sizes extremely quickly rather than making one size for the whole world’

Neville Brody – 751 Art district
He is an internationally renowned designer from the UK with the ‘world’s best selling graphic design book – The Graphic Language of Neville Brody’

Nod Young – Mao Livehouse
One of my favourite Beijing designers, we know all about him from here.

Ying Yong Hui – Play at Wudaoying Hutong
From Zhejiang Province, he is a well known typographer within China – I cannot wait to see his work at BJDW.

Triennial Exhibits
Ren : Good Design
“Ren” is one of the most important concepts in Chinese tradition which could also perfectly convey the spirit of “Good Design”. At this stage, the developing China and its population need good design more than ever before.
Held at the National Museum of China with 5 main exhibitions –

Creative Junctions
Rethinking Bamboo
(Bamboo Bikes, cars, chairs, bags and slippers)
Reason Design Emotion
(Chairs and lights)
Good Guys
(Architecture, graphic design, typography, product design, installations, fashion)
What If
(Abstract art, media)

A good interview with the curators here from NoD (Notes on Design)


Tom Dixon – Design and How Not To Do It.

Time?Friday 30 September, 16:00-17:30
Venue?UCCA Auditorium
Theme?Tom Dixon
Content?Click here for more

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