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Liu Tao | Street Photography

Posted by on 21.01.2014 in Photography
Liu Tao from Hefei in Anhui province is a street photographer who captures everyday life in China's major cities. Liu Tao used to be a water meter-reader, who used to see every crack and crevice in the city, but did not enjoy his line of work. He saw these everyday street scenes and picked up a camera, began shooting 5 years ago and continues shooting to this day.

Beijing based Yang and Amy Studio, is a collaboration between Amy Rock Ju and artist Yanghongxun. Between them, they curate and design shows, exhibitions and publish projects. The work is superbly thought out, and leads to a very strong finished product, evidence of which can be seen in their projects below. They have worked with Adidas and young up and coming fashion designers from China.

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